Grow Baby Grow! is photo app that lets you track your baby's growth in a fun, modern and Pinterest-worthy way. Quickly and easily add badges to your baby's weekly or monthly photo!

More reasons to love Grow Baby Grow!

  • Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so that friends and family can keep up-to-date on your son or daughter's growth.
  • You can set weekly or monthly reminders so that you never forget to take a photo!
  • Our small, stylish selection of badges, fonts and colors keep your baby's photo simple and clutter-free.
  • Easily view all of your photos in the app's baby photo album

Top tips for a great photo experience: 

  • Take photos in a part of your home that gets great natural light.
  • The badges look best against a solid background, so we suggest a solid white onesie/bodysuit for your little one. 
  • Babies are squirmy! Consider taking lots of photos with your iPhone's camera and then select the best one from your library within the app. 
  • Backup your photos! iPhones break, apps crash and the internet is fickle. As such, we suggest saving your photos often -- on your computer, on a cloud service or on good old fashioned printouts! -- so that you never lose your treasured snaps. Side note: as parents, we suggest backing up all photos, not just ones you take with this app.

Have a suggestion for how we can improve the app in the next version? Drop us a line using this contact form.


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