Content creation and content curation are so important in today's online world. Whether you're a "mommy blogger" doing it just for fun or a businessperson looking to expand your reputation and reach, blogging is an effective way to make a name for yourself online.

We design and develop blogs, as well as provide consulting on how to generate content that is a effective driver of both web traffic and income. Quite often we work with clients to develop editorial plans and schedules for the first 3-9 months of their blog's existence to give them the best start possible to their blogging career.

No two blogs are alike because subject matter, goals, brands and the people behind the blog are so very different. If you're interested in working with us on a blog design or redesign, we'll first have a meeting (in person or via Skype) to discuss your blogging goals. Then, we'll develop a special proposal just for you. There are no set prices for our blog design and consulting services, but the rate for a basic blog project starts at $1,500.

My site is a personal blog, not a business, but I can still say that launching the site has been like a dream come true, as it has provided me with a highly rewarding form of creative output. The site is everything I wanted in a blog, functionally and aesthetically. -Amy, The Bittersweet Gourmet

We take on a very limited number of blog design, development and consulting projects each month -- typically just one. If you're interested in working with us on a blogging project, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation and check our availability. 

Looking for samples of our blog design work? 

  • La Vita e' Bella (Kate's blog)
  • Family Nation's Blog - Coming soon!
  • Ciao Christy
  • Bittersweet Gourmet
  • Maple Leaf Mamma
  • Genius Loci Blog
  • The Virtual Nudge Blog


Please note: from 2010-2013 we created many of the websites listed under our previous company Hash Consulting, LLC. We're still the same people -- just a new name!  So, if you found us via a recommendation from a previous client, fear not, it's us!